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  2. About Us

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    As a high-tech enterprise, Cangzhou Kingtype Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial weighing equipment in China. Specializing in intelligent electronic truck scales, electronic pitless scales, OCS electronic hanging scales and electronic platform scales, our products are used in factories, plants and steel yards around the country. 

    Due to the excellent quality of our production and the outstanding work of our R&D department, we have been commended as the owner of a "Top Ten Famous Electronic Truck Scale Brand in China". Boasting a modern administration system, we have been operating in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard, and we totally guarantee that all products meet related international industrial stipulations. 

    Our main products now include 1 to 150MT SCS truck scales, digital truck scales, 0.6 to 3MT electronic pitless scales, electronic platform scales, livestock scales, 0.5 to 30MT ORS electronic hanging scales, DCS weighing toll collection scales, overload detection systems and industrial measurement automatic control systems. With all types available at competitive prices, we have exported these units to clients in such diverse markets as Russia, Mexico,South Korea, Qatar, Congo, Sudan Angola, Ethiopia and Mongolia, etc. 

    With the tenet of "People oriented, quality oriented, honest centered", our business policy is "Top quality, excellent service, good reputation".We look forward to cooperating with your company in the near future.


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